Dirty little secret-part three

Dirty Little secret -part three

We left the club and we went to the small park across from the Mount Clemen court-house. She held my waist and rested her head against me. My left arm held her softly. We held a dangerous stillness as we watched the stars and we found a free bench and we sat down.

I watched her beautiful face as she gathered her thoughts. I remembered the first days I truly saw her. She came to me and gave me a heavy hug and she kissed my face cheeks. She asked me. “Do you remember me Johnnie. I was a little girl once who thought you were a sexy man. You were so sweet to me and you told me story of great journey. Do you remember Johnnie? “I told her. I do remember you. You were pretty as a perfect picture. A picture of Summer day and untamed freedom. She laughed at me and she asked. “Are you okay? You have lost your smile and laughter. You made me laugh and made me dream. Do you remember? We danced once.”
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She touched my shoulder and she asked. “Where you been Johnnie. I like when you wander away. Was it a better place? I like to daydream. I forsaken my dreams and now I know little laughter. It is sad we must give everything away and forget who we were.” I caressed her face and I whispered. Restless people need to be tempted. We need to escape to new place and know people who excite the heart and the soul. Dear Liz, my beautiful Elizabeth. We are not done yet. Dormant life can be like a rose. The rose shall die and rise again in the Spring. Maybe people can find this place. To rise-up and remember what they were.

She wore a sexy blue blouse, allowing her bare shoulders to be seen. He auburn hair fall easy to her lower back and her eyes held joy and sadness at the same time. I reached over and kissed her lips and than her shoulders. I loved her fragrant of sweet flowers and  her skin taste I savored and I told her. Dear Liz. You knew I loved you in June. I couldn’t forget your name or face since the day we talked. You create a cobwebs of need for you and I told you once. Sweet and cherish place will lead us a dangerous edge. I would live and die for you. Is the payment too much my Elizabeth?

Dear Elizabeth looked to the night sky and she waved her hand gently. She asked me. “Maddening dreams and places we must forget? Must we accept bitter kiss and embrace when love is near. The aches and needs of tangle memories make me want to escape. I want to run to places where love will soar and be a unholy fulfillment.  I want to make love till the noon hour and I want to travel with you. Can the living dead, truly know real life again, know real passion again? I want a man to look at me like you do? I see in your eyes. I’m the only one and dear Johnnie. You make my mind spin when you are near. I need a Poet’s heart to love me.”

I brought her closer and I told her. Sweet Liz, my beautiful Elizabeth.  Some ride to new places can be wild and ending unknown. Is the sanctuary of happiness worth the payment of sadness left for the people who will learn disappointment. I love you my sweet lady. Let’s go slow and easy. We can tamper with our life in a slow pace. I want to know you. I want to know your every secret and I want to know your pain and your glory.  I dream of awaking with you every morning and knowing your sweet kiss a hundred times a day. You are my love, my only sweet dream I have.

She smiled and she brought me closer. She gave me a hundred kisses and she whispered. “When a butterfly get too close to the flame. Will the butterfly be burn-up and die? I agree my Johnnie if you promise. To be near when I need a gentle voice and soft caress. I won’t wait a thousand days. My body need to feel wanted and I want to feel so damn loved and needed. Lack luster kiss and lonely nights will break my heart.”

I whispered. I’m here and you are here my Liz, my Elizabeth. The day I saw you in the early Summer. I knew I needed your love near and forever. I won’t break your heart and I promise. We will find the path to where old dreams and hope can be revived. I promise you the Pacific, I promise you the free valleys and hidden water falls.  I promise you dance, taverns  and good song. Locked-up people will open the gate my love. They must.

The Mount Clemen city was becoming quiet. The bar people had went home or to find food. Two people sat holding hands waiting for a miracle.

John Castellenas/Coyote