“Stay or flee?”

Stay or flee?

She watched the midnight moon and she wondered. Should she stay or flee? Her wild eyes filled with soft tears and she whispered to her sleeping lover. I will break your heart. She wanted to stay for the safety of warm bed, the morning coffee time talks and the embrace of the safe love.

She watched the morning sunrise from the east. She was locked in a tender embrace and she still yearned for new cities and places. She wanted new dance and kiss. Her lover whispered like a Leonard Cohen song.

You don’t own love my Gypsy lover. Love owned you. I’m not jealous of the lovers from your past and the future. I understand the need for new dance and kiss. Love should be free to blossom and grow. Not find the darkness of dark place where the brightness of hungry heart fade away and die. You are my Gypsy lady and I love you because you dance with the waves of the Pacific ocean on the Monterey Bay, drink whiskey and tequila till the moon falls into the sea. I love when you sing songs of love to my desperate heart.

She smiled and laughed. She tosses off her sleeping t-sheet and she dances to the morning sounds. She falls into my arms and she whispered.

You are not my prison. You are my open door to song, laughter and love. You are my freedom.

John castellenas/Coyote