The road to happiness. 

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Claudia Hernandez

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The road to happiness is conflictive because happiness itself is flawed.

Sometimes it comes as easy as a smile. Other times it comes as difficult as an actual loud laughter.

What is happiness, really? Everyone seems to seek it but no ones seems to reach it.

There are happy days, yes. Those days that you wish never ended because you felt full inside. You felt the need to smile and laugh all at once without thinking it twice.

But there are also sad days. Some of them even come after the happy ones.

So, when can I say that I have reached happiness? Was it on the ‘good days’, even though I knew tomorrow could be a ‘bad day’?

Does happiness have an expiration hour? Perhaps it does. Perhaps it doesn’t.

But something I have learned is that you have to keep on going to the…

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