Picking up the pieces right

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Picking up the pieces right

2 October 2016

picking-pinterest-com-3 Courtesy pinterest.com

Illusion of you

Tendrils reaching out tickle

Mind of the fickle

Shimmering carpet

Palpable incandescence

Restoring essence

Jigsaw a flavour

The taste a blend of futures

Daunting promises

Path in needle’s eye

The bosom lost in the sigh

Throat in constriction

Secrets scattering

Master of the ancient ring

Whiff of ocean’s breeze

Blowing with the wind

Picking up the pieces right

Recomposed mind shapes

Reading of the poem: 

picking-pinterest-com-robert-hefferan-time-to-dance-tuttart-1 Courtesy Robert Hefferan on pinterest.com

Dancing with the wind – Omar Akram

Shimmering Star – Omar Akram

Passage into Midnight – Omar Akram

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