“Delicate wings”

Delicate wings

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Some people are more tender than others


                             Delicate wings

Beautiful Liz. Allowed me in.
Her word and beauty memorized me.
Woman who strip down their true cover and show you what is
hidden beneath clothing and fear.
They are rare and delicate ladies.

Many skeletons for us to hide.
Few perfect people.
We are just flesh and bone trying to understand our life and journey.
All of us cling to thing lost and cannot be found.

First kiss, first love embrace and the first dance.
They are  printed into our mind and heart.
It is a sad world dear Liz.
Hard to forget bad places and things.
I believe the hard places teach us to appreciate the good places today.

When I see you. I saw delicate wings struggling to fly.
I see beauty bursting out and I know.
You will be okay. If you need a friend to listen.
Johnnie can be found.

We are fragments of many things dear friend.
Live and learn. Dance and sing. Laugh and cry.
Make the world know you are alive.

Hard to be a perfect Angel. We must do our best.

Coyote/John Castellenas