Madness or Magic

A amazing poem by a talented writer. Please read and enjoy.

Poetic Escapades

She speaks to the universe in a thousand hues… 
Painting poetry with her vivid dreams. 
Dancing to the magical tunes… 
Of silence and earthly miseries.

For the chaos in her eyes is just a glimpse… 
To the dilemma that runs through her veins.
Her pounding heart and silent mind, 
Is trying to tame a raging rebel in her brain.

The storms inside her, have now become waves…
As she embraces each one with a ferocious vigour. 
She embodies the energy of a thousand souls… 
And barges on to play with hurricanes one after another.

She moves with a passion so rare…
That it’s mistaken for being fragile and fear. 
But don’t let the calm demeanour fool you my friend.. 
She’s a concoction of magic mixed with madness my dear!

Suchita Malhotra
14th October 2016

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