A little sin-part five

2016, Yuriy Ku Drop

A little sin
Liz straddled me, wrapped her legs tightly around my waist. She laid her head into my neck and she gave me gentle kisses. I smelled her hair of Summer flower in her hair and I told her. You and I here today. My last and first dream. She whispered to wanting ear. “Are we cursed for wanting happiness? Is the chaos of love doomed to accepting less? I told her. “Liz, my sweet Elizabeth. Is love so dark, kisses so sweet make the heart and mind swell with need and create the need of black bliss and deadly kiss. Liz kissed my face, my cheeks and lips. She whispered. Subdue love is a disguise. We must unmask and show real face when the night is upon us. Is our love  a little sin. I will bear the heavy burden. Do you want to love freely and undo locked-up doors of needs and wants?  Johnnie, we can know emptiness and stop. Or create a treasure and unshrouded love, unbounded and glorious.

I rolled over and released myself from the  straddle of her legs and I kissed tender shoulders and I put my head into the warmth of her breast. I whispered to her. We have descended too far my Liz, my Elizabeth. Please whisper to me something sweet and love sake. I need to hear your voice. Sometimes stealing kisses, borrowing love embrace is necessary. Dead hearts need the caress of a immortal love. I can’t live without you and I know life is cruel. We must taste our small utopia in portions. Please my love. Talk to me. Whisper to me of deep story and places forgotten. Liz caressed my face and hair. She give me a wicked and she began to sing.

–Weep for me in the bounty of lost seas.
Weep for me for not knowing the elixar of passionate kiss.
Please weep for me for yearning for faraway places and midnight dances.
Weep for me for missing shadows of faces and for wishing for someone to make
me feel like a treasure worth dying for.
Love me tender, love me hard.
Make me feel like the fortunate one.
Who had tasted the needed kiss and held the eternal embrace.”

I put her upon the  hotel bed. She was wearing her bathing suit bottom only now.  I took off my clothing and I joined her in the bed. I embraced her tightly and I cupped soft breasts and I told her. I didn’t know you could sing my love. She smiled and she told told me. “I have many talented dear Johnnie. Most of them forgotten till you awoke my muse. I have been writing since we talked in the Summer. No-one asked why I’m writing. Would you want me to read my poetry? I told her. Please read to me my Elizabeth. I will pay you with a fresh Bloody Mary and a dance. I made the drinks. Some bloody Mary mix, a little tabasco and some Polish vodka.  A little salt and pepper. She went to her purse and she brought a small journal to the bed. I brought the drinks to her. She was waiting with the journal in hands and the sheet covered her body. She tapped her lap and she told me. “Please listen to me dear Johnnie. I will be your beautiful nude Poet tempting you with words of love.” I laid my head into her lap and I told her. You are so beautiful my Liz.

Stealing kisses
Lover’s ghost laid dead in lonely graves.
Lover’s wrought turn black with regret.
Empty life became shallow graves.
Love don’t come with a bang.
Love is like a whisper.
Slowly overflowing the quiet heart making
the heart come alive and shatter the glass of time in a dormant place.
Making Lovers beg for mercy and enrage the heart to torrid rage.

We need prayers, become pawns and fall into foolishness.
My eyes had create a million pictures.
Photos left behind to make us reflect.
Did we live? Did I save someone?  Did I bleed for love?
Did I accomplish one worthwhile act?
Damn photos became less painful. Have I learn to accept less?
Did I descend to lover’s grave.
I pray to the sun, I pray to the moon.
Give me a ancient love.
Someone to tempt my heart and spirit.
Empty bliss, forced kisses and mandatory embrace.
Made my  dear heart die.
Please sun and the moon hear my prayers.
Send me a glorious love.
Someone who will vow to make me feel I’m his life and his only joy.

I watched her beautiful face and the sheet fell. I kissed her stomach and I looked in amazing hazel eyes. Her words were demanding and she did not disguise her needs and thoughts. I told you. Dear Liz, my Elizabeth. You are a poet and a woman with great heart and soul. We can’t allow the naysayers to stop us from dreaming and reaching for our goals. People, like us need to release words, song and our thoughts. Dead life is early grave and my Liz. I want you to live. I want you to dance, sing and celebrate your life. I reached over to the radio. I turned the radio and I found a oldie station. Frankie Valli song. “My eyes adored you.”  I stood-up and took her hands and we slowed dance to the Frankie song. She laughed and kissed me often. I told her. This is better than my sweet dreams of you. I have loved you since I saw you in the Summer and when you talks and smiled. My heart danced with happiness and joy.

Liz smiled and she whispered as she locked her warm and tender body against me. I have loved you for twenty years. Your Poet’s heart make me know life is slow dancing, long kisses and plenty of happiness. After we finish the dances. I want us to sit and drink at the pool like Hemingway and his love. Create true history where lovers were allowed love to win. Cherish the embrace and the kiss. Maybe today can be day one, into a journey where true love can flourish.

John Castellenas/Coyote

Is our love a little sin” And bear instead of bare. “I rolled over and released myself from her straddled legs”

2016, Yuriy Ku Drop



© 2016 Coyote Poetry

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