Lead with concern, kindness and love

Two Brothers

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


I learn how fragile life can be in 1988-1989. Better to be kind to your friends and family. World punish them enough already.


Two brothers

After years of running toward a road.
I could not find.

I found out why I should of been kinder.
Learn to forgive.

Be a friend instead of a bastard.
With only his dreams as his goals.

I look at my life with so many victories.

But the gift of love wasn’t one of my skills.

I wished too late to listen.
Instead of lecture.

I learn not all people want wealth and power.

Some people are happy with small dreams.

They need someone to lean on.

Two young boys of 18 years.
One year apart took their own lives.

They were not equips to handle the fight the world of living.

When they needed the gentleness of a soft heart.
Someone to give them hope.

No-one was there.

They decided death was sweeter then life.


Alone and without any notice or words.


They kick away a chair.


Told the world to fuck off.

Why can’t I feel complete?

I try to help them.
My hard words were cold and demanding.

I don’t visit their graves.
There is nothing left of them.

I remember two strong boys running together toward a better place.

I hope.

I have become more gentle.
I accept mistakes.

I tell friends and family.

Please come to my home and everything will be alright.

Like all fools we become sorry when the story ends.

27 Feb 1989