How do I Stop Loving You

A amazing song. Please listen and enjoy.

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How do I Stop Loving You Engelbert Humperdinck

I’m trying so hard to forget you.
And leave the life we had behind.
And there are times I feel the day has come,
I’ve chased you from my mind.

But I’m afraid there’s allways something,
That sets me back and makes me see.
You’re more than just a memory in the past,
You’re still a part of me.

So how do I stop loving you?
Forget things that we used to do?
Forget all the dreams that we shared?
And how my life was knowing you cared?
Why do I end up where I start, each time I try?
Just tell me how I can forget,
So I can say goodbye…

I’m tired of all the lonely evenings,
And all the many times I’ve cried.

I’m tired of wondering what I might have done to keep you by my side.


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