A Halloween tale-When comes a stranger

When comes a stranger

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Death comes when she desired.


                             Death come when he desires.

I was last year man. I had it all. Beautiful house and a great job. A hot girlfriend with clear blue eyes and legs as long as Texas highway 35. Two dead brothers I had to put into lonely graves because of suicide turned my world around. I started drinking and create separation from everyone and I learned I wasted 32 years on meaningless things.

The war started in 1991 and I joined and volunteered for Iraq. I didn’t believe in suicide. Better to allow a bullet to find you and fix your problems and I volunteered for every dangerous mission. I stood on the Iraq border, pondering life and possibilities.The war ended quickly and I was yesterday man waiting for nothing. I wrote poetry of hell and heaven.

No-one was allowed in. Slow death is hard. Need to destroy the body and the mind.I arrived in Philly airport and I went to the lounge and drank. A dark hair beauty sat with me. She gave me a kind smile and told me.”Soldier, you can’t drink the pain away. Nothing as sad as to watch a man rushing toward death. Don’t rush death. He will find you.”

I looked into  her brown eyes and I saw too much pity and sadness. I told her. “Sometime death is sweeter than life. Sometime life gives you shit and we are overfilled with bullshit. It don’t matter anyway young lady.” She got close to me and whispered. ” Death will come one day. When comes a stranger with the face of death. She will take everything you could of done away and you will be forgotten.”  I asked her who she was and I looked up and saw  the bartender looking at me with fear. I realized I was alone.

I was stationed in California. Fort Ord, California. I fell into drinking and  I loved the coastline. I started falling deep into writing, poetry reading and to be near the sea.  I went downtown with friends. Was a big storm this night. Halloween night was cool in Monterey. Everybody was loose and free and I started drinking early. Three years ago. Second brother killed himself in late October.

My friend was heading to Pacific Grove and I told them I was going to take the short cut. They tried to stop me. I had no fear of dying and I have been free climbing and suicide boarding the sea for two years. Death wasn’t ready for me. The short cut was crossing the rocks and under the pier. The waves were 20 feet high. It was two miles of dancing on wet rocks and facing the cold hearten sea. I got half way. The waves were wild and crazy. I slipped a few times. I didn’t care. I looked on a rock and I saw a person waiting. I went to the person.

I saw the brown hair beauty and she sat watching the powerful storm of October. She told me to sit down. I asked her, what are you doing here?  She smiled and told me. “When comes a stranger you best be prepared.” She held my hands and I was in a different place. The place stink  of blood and guts and I saw wandering people. I followed them to a place with an old sign. “Purgatory Inn.”  I went in and I  saw men and woman drinking and talking. An old man with cold and lonely eyes told me to sit and play a game of chess. He smiled and told me. “Men who don’t dream, don’t believe in nothing and was cold and heartless will not come here. Purgatory Inn is for the men who believed in nothing but tried to do some good. He reached over and touched my hands. I was tossed into the pits of piss and shit. I saw demons dancing on bodies screaming and reaching out to no-one. The demons looked at me. They told me. “We are waiting for you, JOhnnie. The pit of hell always have room for another foolish man.”

I awoke and the old man is smiling. He smiled and whispered. “One more place my friend. “He touched my hands again. I awoke on top of bodies barely moving and I saw broken necks and bloody bodies. I heard cries of regret and pain. I saw the demons laughing and smiling. I saw miles of death. All were barely alive. The bright eyed demon came close. He whispered. “In the valley of suicide. You will learn death till heaven and hell become one.”

I awoke and I saw the brown eyes beauty watching my face. I asked who she was and what she wanted?  She smiled and told me.”Next step when comes a stranger. You will come with me. Death gives a favor rarely and you have a decision to make. Walk the better path or you will dance with the Devil. The demons are waiting for foolish men. Wasted life and bad decisions can lead you to an early death. Hell is not pretty. No kindness in hell.”

I left the stranger upon the rocks. I slowly climb to the Pacific Grove cliffs and my friends have the police waiting for me. They called out a search for me. The police took my name and told me. We will remember you dumb-ass. My friends asked did I want to go to the tavern? I told them. Not tonight. I had enough excitement tonight and I walked to the bus stop and decided. Maybe better to live and tried to dodge death for a while. It was a wild Halloween night.