“Diamonds and gold”

Diamonds and gold

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Just words.


Diamonds and gold

The rich man life and wish. He loved the value and the greed of the touch and caress of the diamond and gold.
Diamonds and gold gain value and they will steal from heart and the eyes.

Big house, fast car and perfect woman. Can shine and make you believe. Diamonds and gold lead to perfect place and life.

The architect of life is fair.  He teaches us many lessons. Big house become lonely with time. Fast cars loses their value. How far can you ride? How fast can you go till you learn?  You are alone. Beautiful woman need time, caress and her beauty will fade. If love was eluded.  Can wealth  keep the perfect woman content?

I believe we mold our life. A life with money and self-goals lead to lonely ending. All of us are builders of our future. Real wealth is the sound of laughter in your home and family near.  I know we must work. Support the family and stay ahead of the bills.

The true diamonds and gold of life is love. Dear wife with me, grandchildren running wild and laughter.

I was a rich man once. A lot of money to buy things that I didn’t need. The architect of life was kind to me . Brought me children to teach and love to know.

After the day is done. Can diamonds and gold make you have a restful sleep? Love, kindness and concern can. A complete life is when we know we did our best and we have people who love and care for us.

Old man sit in yard and watches his grandchildren. He looked to the sky and he thanks the architect of life. Thank you for showing me to the ways of love.
John Castellenas/Coyote