“Quiet echos and secluded places”

Quiet echos and secluded places

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


We will hold many penances for things done and missed.


                               Quiet echos and secluded places

The coffee shop poet told the young listener.
Great oceans rise and fall.
The wind cannot be locked up and love is not free.

We will decay and lose the zeal of youth.
Young men will be poison by war.
We will need to listen to the quiet echos and find peace in secluded places.

Our world will turn upside down for us many times.
The peril of life will leave us forgotten and alone.
We will bare our hearts and soul to Gods.
Who shrines rise above us and leave us to burn and roll.

We will consumed wine and sin.
Watch the world go by.
We will masquerade as partakers and run mazes for people
who don’t care if we live or die.

Wise people find the ancient weeping willow tree.
Sit together on common ground.
If you are lucky. Can hear the ancient lovers whispers.

Sweet love.
Tender love.
emotional love.
Let’s vow sweet words of forever and a day.
Boundless love is held by the sweet kiss and gentle embrace.

Lover can sing the songs of the dead.
Kind lovers can sing songs of being alive.
Echoes  of blacken memories can turn sweet if two people bare
all to the midnights Gods and learn to devour love wild and free
like the wild flowers in the Spring.