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Sing to me

17 October 2016

singtome-deviantart-com-tenebras_by_carlos_quevedo-d89xiy0 Courtesy Carlos Quevedo

Sing to me

Of the night’s prayers

Of dull eyes

Shining bright

When the seeker finds the Light

Within depths of Dark

Sing to me

Of lonely bosoms

That live twined

In the Love

Under the wings of the Dove

Within desert storms

Sing to me

Of rivers of gold

That shimmer

In the cold

A promise of warmth untold

Of ways of the old

Sing to me

Of heavenly blooms

That grow slow

With dewdrops

Melting ice from mountain tops

In heathen places

Sing to me

Of a bright new dawn

Meeting eyes

As I yawn

Sun kissed horizons meet light

After dark of night

Sing to me

I will then sing back

Piper’s tunes

New moon runes

Waking into new glory

Founding the story

Reading of the poem: 

singtome-mournful_song_by_carlos_quevedo-d9czbtf Courtesy Carlos Quevedo

Dante’s Prayer – Loreena McKennitt

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