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Crown Mother Earth

Everyday I am puzzled

I can’t seem to find the latch
It clings so desperately to each passing thought

Lately I can’t shake it
It leeches in through my pores
Down each and every hair shaft
Through the dermis

Are you numb?
I thought so
It’s not your fault
Someone wanted you numb
Your senses
Drowned out long ago

Your intuition strategically first

You can’t let them win
I won’t

Stop putting rulers on a pedestal
It will not work

We are an intricate web
La gente
A microcosm

We now resemble
Sand particles
Shattered glass

Lost in space

It’s fundamental
The universe exists today
For it discovered harmony

Let go
Before it kills you
Get back to your roots

The ocean is a cesspool
Our water is undrinkable
The most basic needs of life:
a scientific experiment
People need honey simply to enjoy their tea

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