Cleanse the Lens

Powerful and worthwhile words. Read and pass on.

Philip Dodd, Author of Angel War Blog

Cleanse the Lens

Tell me about your prejudice,
tell me about your pain,
tell me about your kings,
which one of them should reign.

Come on, be quick, hurry,
we need a solution soon.
Times are getting scary,
we’re left with a broken tune.

People seek for shelter,
flee to escape the war.
At best they find pity,
at worst a bolted door.

Dark kings ruled in the past,
one is yet to come.
Try to predict his time
as you pass round the rum.

Magnify, see the grit,
cleanse the lens, bit by bit,
until your vision’s pure.
You may then make a start,
draw a path on a chart,
for your boat to reach the shore.

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