Mirrored Dimensions

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Mirrored Dimensions

The obscurity of where you were is frightening, once standing just there, bathing in reflections of light.

Now, your eyes translucent, transfixed….longing.?

Ghosts of the fast pace of life rush past you; your head in your hands. There are pullings on both sides as you teeter on the line. The living has called to you, but apparently you want more than the truth.?

What is it that you are searching for? At one time light poured out of every orifice. Others even surrounded your light, wondering at its beauty.

What a slippery slope from life. You are anchored in peace, follow your chain back from the pride filled hollows.

Truths have been dispersed in the universe, and you play with the darkness on the fringes of light.?

I miss the smiles that so frequently graced your face. I miss the comfort that cradled your heart; the favor that crowned your head; the words that…

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