Only you

Only you

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

Just words

Only youI can’t forget you my dear Liz. I have tried to forget your beautiful face and eyes. Your warm eyes upon me and your soft fingers, encircling my hands stole my last hope and dreams. You whispered to me. “We must find some sort of peace or we shall be lost. We will be lost forever dear Johnnie. Our deadly wishes had led us here. Love or die. Swim in just enough to survive or we can pursuit precious treasures where the heart is content. Where the heart is wild and free. Dancing in pure joy.”

I told you. I remember the Summer day where you danced for me and we waltz together for the Summer sun.  I kissed your bare shoulders and I told you. I have loved you for a 1000 days. My ancient heart came alive when you are near. You are my will to live, my hunger to dance to the rhythm of a love, that is abounded and filled with great bliss and need.

Beautiful liz looked to the sun and she told me. “If it be your will, dear Johnnie.  Let’s fall into the darkness of a unforgiving love where we will vow to hold love tightly when life, will be against us. It is better Johnnie to taste joy for a second, to have someone to hold you above all? To have someone willing to live and die for you? Or must we accept less and become stalemate in life?”

I brought her closer and I whispered. The great sin is like truth or dare. Do we show real face or live a fake life? Dear Liz, I would rather live with you in the sweetness of kind and sweet love, than to fall to fatal life. Accepting less and living a liar life. Please dear love. Let’s find the sea and you and I. Let’s drink Irish coffee near the sea and allow my hands never to release your hands, as we walk together by the dancing sea. You are my only wish dear Liz.

She smiled and she gave me sweet kiss. Her eyes filled with sadness and she whispered. “You are right Johnnie. Better to bleed and suffer for love. Without you. I feel alone. You make me feel beautiful and young. You make my body want caress and midnight dance. Let’s us make the foolish wish.  Live and die for precious love. It be my will dear Johnnie. You and I. Leaving fatal love to know love rare and sweet.”

Two people holding on tightly to each other and they tossed coins into a wishing well of hope.  When love is allowed to be free and prosper. No turning back.

John Castellenas/Coyote