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Made of sticks and stones

photo credit: Leda via photopin (license) photo credit: Leda via photopin(license)

I was forced today, very much against my will, to go for a coffee. The rain was beating down, seriously threatening to move me beyond the status of drowned rat to something far more wretched. And while I wasn’t sure caffeine was the answer I felt there was no harm in at least exploring that hypothesis.

I had work to do, the most urgent thing being meeting a deadline which had less than twenty-four hours to run but even though I had everything I needed with me to do some profitable work, my mind wanted to misbehave. So there I sat in a riverside location watching ducks go waddling past and people rushing by trying to avoid raindrops. While overhead the sky became increasingly ominous.

So I sat there and I wrote three poems, which seem to be linked or at least sit together…

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