“She was a cruel one”

She was a cruel one.

Love left me empty and alone. I had accepted the circumstances with ease. Jack Daniel and Black velvet kept me safe and in the shadows of the Austin Pub.

She questioned me. Are you happy? Are you okay? She watched me a like a skill  surgeon and I told her. I have learned to accept less. The whiskey and beer kept me safe. I understand the payment before the disappointment.

She bathe me in conversation. She was a beauty. Silk blouse, long legs and soft and tender eyes looking into my darkness of my eyes. She knew I yearn to see her tender shoulders and outskirt of perfect breasts. I tried to look away from her.

I told her. You are a cruel one. Allowing me to behold her beauty and tempt me with sweet words and possibilities. You don’t want me. I have accepted my place in the corner of the Purgatory Inn.

Her smile turned sweet and she asked me. “Do we need the chain of kisses in the long night? We need to beg and know need of kiss and embrace. Old wounds must heal. You must be reborn and dance fearless in the need of love.”

I told her. Love don’t forget. Words mean little my beautiful friend. Uninvited love can make a man dream of beautiful face and places where lovers have nothing to hide. What is the final payment? One week, one month or a year. I’m tire. I have nothing left to give.

She looked sad but not defeated. She took my hands and kissed them. She whispered. “I may be cruel. I know shadows of lost love is a part of us and we ain’t dead till we are in the lonely grave my Poet. Please walk with  me, talk with me. Lay with me in the softness of a cozy bed. Lets drink coffee and dream of the city of lights. Love comes if we allow it. Please make my dreams and hope come alive.”

Johnnie pushes the whiskey away and looked into the eyes of his love. He told her. I will try.
Coyote/John Castellenas