Fatal beauty

Fatal beauty

You were waited for me. Wearing light cotton nightgown and you had the beer in ice. We had planned this escape for months. I told you often. I needed you raw and barely covered. You were my first and last wish. You would kiss my neck and caress my face in private and whisper “A little  sin Johnnie. We need. You and I. We are locked-up in self-made prisons and need to taste the elixir of unmasked love where we can show real face. Be bare in body and mind. Be free to breakdown life norm and be free to tear down life wall of complex.”

I yearn for my 12 hours day to end. I was wishing and praying to see you. You promised me perfect night without wall or barriers to stop our love. Somehow you and I had found a hidden place and free night to break down our fear and for me and you to fall into your fatal beauty of stealing kisses and loaning love.

I arrived at the private cabin. I opened the door and I saw candles lite and you sitting and waiting by the fireplace. The glow of the fireplace made you look dangerous and tempting. You smiled and told me. “Take  a shower and relax. The beer is cold and I’m waiting for you.”

I stripped down in the bathroom and I went into the shower. I needed a hot shower to relax my body and mind. I felt you looking at me. I opened the curtain and I saw you standing in black bra and panties.  I told you. You are the most beautiful woman I ever seen. We hold deadly silence for a second and you released your bra than panties. You come to me, into the shower  and embrace me. You whispered. “ The Utopia of love. We get few glances at joyous and unconfined taste of true bliss. We have accepted too little dear Johnnie. Tonight we become one in passion. We will start slow and easy, sweet and kind. We will discover every hidden place, taste and caress places that have been forgotten. I will paint your skin like a painter. Knowing your every need and wisp. I want you to do the same. The night is long and the beer is cold. No sleep for you my love.”

I kissed her once and again. Brought her closer and I told her.  Tonight fingers, hands, arms, legs and body will do the lover’s dance. Allow the rhythm of two people to know. We are alive. You are my first and last wish. I know after first kiss and enduring embrace. I will long for you forever my lover.


© 2016 Coyote Poetry