Payment due my friend

Payment due my friend

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Just words


Payment due my friend

I sat daily by the Lake St. Clair lake. I watched the boats go by and I wrote and read. I drank coffee and I fell into Jack London, Kosinski and the words of Donne. I always had my chess board with me. I have befriended the walkers and the runners. They called my the Lake St. Clair poet.

One day a young man sat with me and he asked me. “Can bad deeds and sins be forgiven? Do we dead-end and stand alone? The old man looked at the young man and he told him. After a bad deed is done. Some bad deeds cannot be erased or forgotten. I learn the good deeds  done are just payment my friend. The young man asked. What debts do you owe? You are wise, kind and generous.

The old man smiled and he told him. No perfect man. We will trip and fall often. We must rise-up and lead with concern, kindness and love.  I believe I have many debts I must repay. Young man laughed and he told him. “We owe nothing to no-one. We must seek self happiness and survive.”

The old man sipped his coffee and he told the young man. I was poor and I had AWOL parent, but I was never alone. Dear Grandparent raised me, kind aunts and uncle supply my clothing for school. I had great teachers. I remember my grandparent taking me to the parks, the lakes and sharing their home with me. I still remember sitting in my grandparent house and 8 pm. Drinking Vernor with many cherries. I remember my grandfather kind voice and laughter. I always had a safe place to rest. My grandfather taught me. Lead with concern, kindness and love. I owe a debt because of their lessons. I repay with joyous heart and energy. I try to be like my Grandfather. Be the place to go when life is hard.

The young man  looked sad and he told him. Kindness isn’t my forefront. I hold anger over kindness. Loud voice over gentle words.  I broke the hearts of everyone who came near.

The old man smiled and he told the man. We shall play many people in a long life. Men will trip and fall, fight and scream. One day he will learn. Hold silence and listen. Pay attention and be kind. You are young and willful. You can change your journey and be a better man. Think before you speak and if all you hold is anger. Just shut up and hold silence. Bad words and actions leave permanent wounds. In time. All your trespasses will be forgotten. Men who listen, lead with concern, kindness and love. Will find true peace in the end.

Young man looked at St Clair lake and he asked. “Can I be forgiven and can I change?”

The St Clair Poet smiled again and he told him.  Men must be like the willow tree. Flex and bend with the wind. No perfect life and all we can do is our best.

John Castellenas/Coyote