Types of Poetry #9: Love Comparison

Please read the amazing words of a talented writer.

A Poem A Day

Love can be pure

Or it can be fake.

It can come from friendship

Or from a stranger.

Love can be romantic

Or it can be for everyone.

It can be warm and beautiful

Or it can be harmful and full of pain.

Love can be remembered forever

Or it can be forgotten in a heartbeat.

It can be slow and steady

Or sudden and unexpected.

Love can be inspiring for the mind and soul

Or it can be demeaning and degrading.

It can be acceptance

Or it can be possessiveness.

Love can be physical

Or it can be mental.

It can be between humans

Or between creatures.

Love can be said out loud

Or it can be expressed.

It can be everlasting

Or it can end at any time.

Love can be togetherness

Or it can be loneliness.

It can be peaceful

Or it can be terrifying.

Love can be…

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