Ravishing beauty dancing alone”

Ravishing beauty dancing alone.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Hard to break down walls of regret and disappointment. Need time and distance to forget.


Ravishing beauty dancing alone

We will masquerade  as many people. We will be hopeful and filled with dreams when youth is our advantage. We will strip to bare essentials and dance fearless and unafraid when good wine and true love is near.

Love is fair. The karma of love lead us to real justice. People who worship love and stay true to the purpose. Can get lost in the emotion of love. They will have danced in the peril of the sweet kiss and can burn and roll. Knowing love is like a free and wild river. Can’t be controlled or imprisoned.

Ravishing beauty dancing alone on the moon lite beach. Her long dress flowed with the ocean breeze and her soft feet caressing the sand. Her beauty can overtake you and a wise man can understand by looking at her sad eyes. Love is dead to her. I watched her scream at the Gods of the sea. She stood alone wishing for something that cannot be.

She whispered to me in the bed of masquerading lovers. “Hold me, make me feel worthwhile. Please declare words of love to make me know some comfort. A liar’s prayer is better than sleeping alone. I have talks enough. I need to feel alive and my dead flesh to arise and feel pain and pleasure.”

I told my lover. There is ransom on true love. We must be young and fearless. We must be clean of disappointment and defeat. Young love, sweet love and first touch and kiss come only once. Us greedy people use and waste the endearing gift of love. Leaving us fugitives forsaken and forbidden to knowwhere drunken lovers know bliss and honored in the emotion of love.

She asked me once.”Can love be revived?  Or do we learn to accept less?”   I told my sad blue eyes woman.Black memories can kill the good in all things we see and do. We need time and distance. In the end we learn what love really is. Love is someone who accept our strength and weakness for 50 years. Someone who hold our hand on the first and last date.  Someone who will dance with us when we are old and gray.

My ravishing beauty arose. Begin dancing to the words of Leonard Cohen “A million kisses deep”. I saw some hope in her tire eyes. She fell to my feet and asked. “Can dead and decaying heart and mind know peace?”

I told her yes. In spite of the echoes of the past. People can partake in the emotion of love. Even sour memories become less painful with time.

Coyote/John Castellenas