Poetry Sunday: Vesna Parun’s ‘You Whose Hands Are More Innocent Than Mine’

Please read the amazing poetry.

Kristen Twardowski

Love stories do not always have a happy ending. With its yearning, pain, and affection, Vesna Parun’s poem ‘You Whose Hands Are More Innocent Than Mine’ highlights the ways that old loves can haunt us even after one or more of the parties has moved on from the relationship.

Vesna Parun (1922-2010) was a Croatian poet and author who helped define the creative landscape in 20th century Croatia. Though she wrote over 20 children’s books along with myriad plays and essays, today Parun is best known for the lyrical love poems that form the bulk of her oeuvre.

‘You Whose Hands Are More Innocent Than Mine’ captures that delicate lyricism. The poem features a narrator who is speaking to the new woman in the narrator’s former lover’s life. The narrator recognizes that the new woman is a better fit for the old flame – after all, she gives the man…

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