“Blindfolded and weightless”

Blindfolded and weightless

I watched your tone and beautiful legs move on the dance floor. Legs that make a man beg for mercy before he had sins. Your short skirt showed silky and tender thighs. Make me wish to be bounded and locked into the softness of soft and hidden skin.

You give me a sly smile, knowingly I loved watching you line dance.  You came to me and embraced me and gave me long and sweet kisses. We drank and drank, than we danced the Texas two-stepped with your  perfect tanned body holding me close till closing time. She whispered Johnnie. Tonight we are going to be bad. Better to be blindfolded and weightless in the want and need. I want my soldier to hold  me tightly and make me feel like I’m the only one.

At the nearby motel. I watched my Texas beauty drop her skirt, slowly release buttons of her blouse. She danced in bra and panties, giving me a wink and came to me. I caressed her legs and worshiped her firm and tight stomach with touch and kiss.  She smiled and asked me. Do you think I’m pretty? I told her. You are a goddess, face of a angel and your long legs, a man’s dream. Your perfect smile and firm breasts make a man wish to be forever locked in your embrace.

She told me. Faltering words are wonderful, but they are just words. I need proof. The fruit of love is to know rapture and to recede into the want of no return, to be able to swim where lovers know peace and calm. I want us to forget everything and your want is my need. Tonight is for us. No work day tomorrow and you promised me two whole days. I want my payment due.

She brought her face near and gave me many sweet kisses and she told her. You are mine and I’m yours. We will be free and wild in love tonight and tomorrow.

Coyote/John Castellenas