Amazing poetry by a talented writer. Please read and enjoy.

Ellie belfiglio


The wintry Nun of the night goes out of her temples;

And slowly steps down under comets and stars.

She has held an holy vespers in the Helios’ alter;

And her robe flourishes above my sleeping town.

As a dog of devotion my emptiness squats on the doorsteps;

And I see it to lick lonely memories left by occasional guests.

As besotted my home spins her roof over near black squares,

And a cold gloomy wind is just kissing her windows tonight.


And the doorbell keeps her silence-

as a shell thrown out by the Ocean;

And the watch moans her dreams-

crucified on the wall.

If you come towards me,

As a moon full of a lone and emotion,

Show me only on hint,

I will be happy to open-

every gate of my soul!! …




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