Because of You and Me

Please read the amazing poetry of a talented writer.

I am Lovely and Lonely and I Belong Deeply To Myself

Lay with me, bring me near

And hold me with care

Close our eyes and listen

To the sweet whisper of the rain
Things in between

Here and now, now and then

Where and what, who and why

All of life’s riddles

In the beats of love
Lay with me

Where the words are few

Feel the comforting darkness

Full of mystery

As you paint my body

With moonbeams
My want knows no end

Can’t you see its

Because of you and me

The moon burns up the midnight sky

The stars stay spinning

Because of you and me
Aching for the next touch

Gasping for another breath

I’ll say it softly at midnight

I’ll say it with laughter

I’ll say it with need and passion

And plead with you to say it back
Because of you and me

I will promise you anything

I’ll promise you everything

Because of…

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