Yin Yang

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A Jar of Whimsy

​Two peas

One pod,

Yin to my yang,

Pieces fallen out of

A crooked puzzle

Fitting snuggly,

That’s what it was supposed to be.

All before

The roof caved in,

The sky fell,

The ground gave in.

No one could predict it.

None ever can-

What was,

What is

What will be and,

What could have been.

Scattered on the floor

Lay teardrops

Like stardust

And memories

Made, and

Long forgotten.

While you and I

Pick flowers seperate-

You pink,

I, a flaming red.

I guess we were

Too snuggly fit

Too close to sit

Too similar a bit

And kept crashing into each other

Without ever meeting.

Cause it was but an endless chase-

Awkward silences, vacant gaze

Burn scars from explosions

Like fireworks from far away.

Yet try we did,

But all in vain

For its a clear misfit-

When you be my Yin

And I your Yang.

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