It is too late , my friend.

It is too late, my friend?

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Accepting the world as is. We are to blame also.



Is it too late my friend?

I have stood by good friends graves. Killed for the wages of war. So many white crosses of once strong men.
I say a quiet prayer for them and I salute the graves.

You were just men
Brother soldiers. I have not forgotten you. You fought for our world.
You fought for me and you fought for us. I pray you have found some kind of peace.
I hope and pray you found peace in death. War taught you death, blood and lonely death away from your home.
Many of us cry still for you. I bleed words of remembrance for follow soldiers who once laughs, cries and loved once.
I remember you my brothers.

Hard to make a hard hearten Poet cry.  I stood by good friend grave and I told him.
You are free now, Soldier.  Hard days and life treated you hard. I pray you found a better place. I miss you my friend.

He who tosses last stone, does he win? Today young writer asked for help for  people in the middle of a civil war. I told her. What can the USA do? Too many guns already killing the people in the way of the violence. So many homeless and hungry people with no place to go. How do these  men who love violence over peace. Sleep? I told her. We must send water, food and medicine.

The war is over for the dead. Dead men and women don’t complain. Nameless graves in my world I have seen. I had prayed  for strangers in places where life had little value. We(Soldiers) digs mass graves and I learn. Children, women and old people pay for the hate of the men who love war, land and profit.

Today USA soldiers in 40 plus dangerous places. Peacekeepers, guards for the people without protection. USA is also the giver of guns, bullets and powerful weapons. I believe if the USA supplies the tools of wars. We are as guilty as the men murdering and killing without guilt.

I pray one day and I  whispered this lullaby to my friend.

The war is over my friend . No-one won. Like a lullaby for the children. The soldiers wouldn’t fight no-more. They put down their weapons and they went home. Mad dog leaders stood alone. Wealthy lands send water, food and medicine. New cities were built. People stood together and no more did people die for the greed of war and hate. All children were safe and kids could be kids. The new goals of man  was to defeat hunger and ensure every person had a safe place to sleep and did not know fear or know hunger. The dream of utopia was reached.

Is it too late? My friend. A silence voice, accepting war as a norm. Your silence will know payment of deadly world and our children dying for the cause of war. Do you want this?

John Castellenas/Coyote