Her insanity is what I love

Please read the amazing poetry of a talented writer.


She is one piece of shit
crazy at one moment
dozed out in another
says what she wants to, totally adamant.

She wants to make this world a better place
wants to fill every empty heart she finds
her compassion is comforting
with the spirit she combines.

Her dreams are so unreal
it makes me laugh
she’s got this ridiculous energy
makes me feel my soul is half.

She thinks of unicorns, aliens, happiness
things most of us find non existent
her will to keep things going is fierce
even when hope seems quite distant.

She has been through soaring heights
and also bottomless downs
but despite her mess, she keeps walking
she’s the lifeguard that doesn’t let her drown.

She has that sparkle in her eyes
sometimes blinding bright
but sometimes there’s no sign of it
darker than the darkest night.

The more I know her
the more I’m…

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