“The altar of a kind love”

The altar of a kind love

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Need a poem for love.


                                 The altar of a kind love

Starry nights and the warm summer days
allowed two lovers to be ravished by sweet kisses
and long embraces by the light of the sun and the full moon.

The sweet words of love came alive.
blazed two hearts and stirred hope and dreams.
Everything was love. Love was everything.

On the altar of love.
Young hearts must bind and obey.
Love begin to surge and swell.
Love’s charm will expand and multiply till the emotion
had no boundaries or limits no-more.

Her sweet smile and charm with a simple glances,
stole his heart and mind.
He could not walk away from her.
She knew she loved him.
Young man was falling quickly to her gentle voice,
the long walks and long talks.
Her soft hand in his became his only dream and thoughts.

The Gods of love gave their blessing.
Two people danced alone near the quiet and peaceful lake.
The happy moon smiled upon new love being born.
The moon whispered to the endearing lovers.
Everything is love. Love is everything.

Quiet night, peaceful day.
One boy and one girl.
Told the Gods of the night.
Our love is true.
You are mine and I’m yours.

We swear upon the full moon our bounded love will stay true.

Coyote/John Castellenas