A Kindness Like This

Amazing poetry by a talented writer. Please read and enjoy.

Standing Amazed

2016-kinslee-kissing-angelphoto by Carly Womeldorf

A Kindness Like This

A kindness like this.

Is such a special kind.

It rekindles the spirit,

And calms the raging mind.

Kindness has no judgement.

It is offered from the heart.

There are so many hurting people,

That we each need to do our part.

Be willing to help another traveler,

As they are struggling through life.

You may be the one thing that day,

That lessens their toil and strife.

You may be the living example,

Of what God wants you to be.

You may be opening the way,

To another person’s eternity.

Kindness like this comes from,

Knowing God personally.

There is enough love flowing,

That it spills over easily.

Kindness brings a calmness,

Like the peace that Jesus showed.

Christian love comes from,

Following the Master we know.

You’ll want to share His Spirit,

That lives inside of you.

Kindness does not…

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