Fate and destiny

The threads of life. Fate and destiny

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Life leave no guarantees. Must take chances. Like we are walking upon tender threads that easily break.


                             The threads of life. Fate and destiny.

Old man whispered. “Behold a man who didn’t believe in the goddesses of the thread of life. Us foolish men believe we rule the world. The goddess Clotho spin our journey. Dear Lachesis measures our ambition and goals. Atropos will end your journey without thought or regret.”

I told the old man. “They is no control on our life. We are free to choose our journey and place. We decide the chances we take. We are the ruler of our destiny.”

The old man laughs and drank down the Jack Daniels. He smiled and told me. “If you are so free to decide.Why do you fail to reach our goals. Whey did love lead you away from the one you desired. Why are you  here with me in this lonely tavern. Not the king of your world?”

I told the old man. “The fates can’t control our birth, life and death. We are too many. Next thing you will tell me. God is testing us. To see if we have one ounce of good in our body. Are we just men  looking for reason to live and die?”

The old man smiled and said. “God had a sense of humor. Make man feel God is on his side. Make him believe it is God-will his decisions. Most men make dirty the cleanest acts and situations. Look to profit and gain. Not love and protect. I believe God is watching the rambling and darkness of man. I believe we will pay for being fancy and free. How many men can face God with a clean heart?”

I asked the man if we have no control. Why do we try? If Clotho spin us into existence, Lachesis set the time-table of life and Atropos cut down us at her will. Why should we pretend to try?

The old man looked very tired and told me. “Man love to sin. Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride. These are the real bounties of this world. It wasn’t support to be this way. We started as one people and one planet. Once man lived for a thousand years. Respected the land and their brother. Now the fates watches us. When we are too big for our britches and think we can live forever. Atropos will cut the thread and send you to your rightful place.”

I bought the man a double of Jack Daniels. Left the tavern. I saw the hot Texas sun beating down on the Austin sidewalk. The old Professor told me the truth. Man consumed and eat till he can’t no more. Few men foresee the ending. They live and die. Few men leave real marks upon this earth. We can leave empty spaces where we did little or nothing or embraced love and kindness. I hope the fates are kind to me today. I have a lot of bad karma to repair before I can sit with God and tell him I did my best.

Coyote/John Castellenas