the fortune door

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Love it Now

A ship loaded with fortune
approached my scratched by nails door
“you are the architect”
said the man behind the steering wheel
“open the door and take what you want”

I looked at the broken handle
and my ragged, bleeding nails
“I cannot” I screamed “please, tell me how”
“you are the architect, you must know” he said

I glanced at the door and tried to recall
where I bought it and what for installed
looking for the reason
why I slammed it and latched
I found a small hole at the bottom of it

the door opened and let the ship in
I took some fortune cookies and tore
“do what you love and the fortune will follow”
said one of them
so I went out and started to breathe


Copyright ©2016 Monika Braun and Love it Now. All Rights Reserved.

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