“Slow down boys . . .”

Please read and enjoy the amazing poetry by a talented writer.

Along The Way


“Slow down boys” . . .

life lesson –

from father to sons;

from one whose dying, now fully embraced.

Shadows, darkness and death open us this way –

to Truth’s presence;

to Truth’s embrace;

to Truth’s perspective;

to edit Truth no more.

“Slowness” – Truth’s way – calls to our soul;

inviting us away from a veiled, matrix-like life –

deliverance from busy minds;

exoneration from “living up to” and “keeping up with”;

liberation from judging ourselves;

curative for the cancer of shame;

cleansed from the addiction of controlling what is uncontrollable;

awakened from a schedule-induced coma;

unshackled from haunting failures;

free from fear.

Inviting us into freedom –

freedom to embrace who we know we are;

freedom to nourish who we know we are becoming;

freedom to cherish paradox and uncertainty – fearlessly;

freedom to welcome failure as a daughter of wholeness;

freedom to wait – not sprinting past…

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