Standing At Standing Rock(Water Is Life)

Please read and enjoy the work of a amazing writer. Don’t forget Standing Rock.

combing the catacombs

At Standing Rock arose a city of protectors,

rallying for a cause, thousands held strong;

against the might of bankers and investors,

that weren’t wanted, that didn’t belong.

In a peaceful gathering for life,  and for right,

because you can’t use,  you can’t abuse and  take forever.

The sheriffs and thugs confronted them with all their might,

but, brown,  white,  yellow and red,  united together.

They were standing and praying,

protecting our water and soil.

No one wanted to hear what they were saying,

all that mattered was the money and the oil.

Standing as long as we can,

our bodies on the line to resist.

You, standing on the other side;  what’s your plan?

Water is life,  without it,  you can’t exist.

Against the odds, they’re standing tall,

here at Standing Rock.

Standing at the Cannon Ball,

praying that all of this will stop.


Water is life,  water is living,

the water…

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