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combing the catacombs

None of us go unscathed,

untouched by hurt and sorrow.

In showers of tears I’ve bathed,

 falling drops, a shattering echo.


Wounds are bleeding,

healing seems inconceivable.

Immune now to needing,

love; no more seems believable.


No more, never again,

will I allow myself to feel that pain,

of what had been.

don’t want to repeat, I abstain.


Close the door, shut the window tight,

so no one can enter.

Had I hindsight,

I would have known better.


Come unraveled,  which once was entwined,

 those scars haven’t healed.

The stars only shine, to remind,

that my fate was sealed.


I’ll stay away and play it safe,

be immune to any ones touch.

I’ve given up and lost faith;

love hurts too much.


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