Please read and enjoy the work of a amazing writer.

Ellie belfiglio


Endless darkness envelops me.

It covers me, It oppresses me!

Within the dark, my thoughts run rampant;

With voices disembodied.

They tire me, really tire me!

They frighten me.

They leave me-

To anxiously wanting.

I lie patiently-

Wanting for the first rays of light.

The first glimmer of a glow!


I see upon the distant horizon-

As I lay and wait…

Each second seems like eternity.

I close my eyes;

Don’t know what I want to see;

Or visualize what I wish to see-

As I lay in reverie…

I open my eyes-

And I see-

The most wondrous sunrise.

I have yet to see how boldly taken hold.

The same oppressing dark-

Now has vanished ever so quickly.

And in its wake is left a blushing sky-

So filled with color!

And sheak too but in crystal tones-

Of a brand-new world dawning!! …




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