How The Sun Rose

Amazing poetry by a talented writer.

Taylor Newby

And oh,

how the sun did rise this morning!

I woke beneath a blanket of night

shadowing my bones in an icy chill.

I told my heart hammering within,

just wait!

The sun will rise

and the night will give birth to a breathless kind of new. And

then, I can laugh off the frost of  what was and wrap myself

in the overwhelming radiance of today.

So I waited

as minutes stretched into moments –

monumental pauses and striking wonder

as the sky purpled and winked at me

from the place I sat drinking warm coffee.

And oh,

how the sun did rise!

A flickering flame bursting open,

unapologetically -like a peony opening with

glossy petals and sticky newness each spring.

I could feel the lavish rays melting against my palms,

raised and stretched open wide,

expectantly – eagerly.

I watched as the day was born beneath heaps of gold and

breathing red. Swollen…

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