Please read the amazing poetry by a talented writer.

Peace, Love and Patchouli

We settled ourselves on the edge

Balanced on the abyss of illusion

We were surrounded by images spoon fed through dreams

Landscapes of beauty

We climbed up out of the darkness

Knowing the path would finally bring us

To go this way or that.

So we settled in the middle

Feeling the trepidation ease

No hurry

No rush we sang little songs we remembered,

As we wore costumes like actors in a play

Constantly changing

Forever rearranging the furniture and props to fit,

Never realizing that it was a bit of make believe

And with the blink of an eye

It could all turn around

To be our wildest desires and dreams

If only for that moment

We could truthfully believe

That the beating heart within

Knew the secret that would be told

And our spot of balance

Would teeter totter out of control

And we would ask the stars…

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