Amazing poetry by a talented writer. Please read and enjoy her work.

Passionate Love and Desires

He left me for decades to suffer alone.

When I asked for his companionship he shuttered and roamed.

Leaving me to piece together decades of hurt.

Now when I no longer need him he falls for me as if I were his to own.

My path, my heart, my soul has no anger to own.

I leave him to this journey and to see if we possibly can return.

My yearnings are no longer tried and true.

They reflect a woman who once knew,

the love of another, the gift of loving purely and without spare, she gifted herself for decades no longer does she dare.

Her love is still honest and pure but doesn’t reflect the kind of love society bares.

We can love and love truly more than one is fair.

Giving the gift of love and freedom to move with the air.

Neither man nor woman is…

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