The moonlight and you

The moonlight and you

I found her again on a rainy Fall October night and I fell to my knees and I told her.
When I lost you. I learn I could bleed regret and sorrow. You were the best things I ever held and knew. I was 6000 miles away and I couldn’t forget your blue eyes and your kind and gentle beautiful face.

I painted my life black with false dreams. My life was a search for a good way to die and the war taught me. My silence pain was not loving enough. I learn too late. I should have lived and die in your eyes and your embrace.

In the cover of  Middle East moonlight. I wrote a 100,000 words of love for her.  Journals filled with jigsaw poetry. My words intoxicating with the need to consume in her  kiss and to fall into your embrace again. Even in my poetry on the paper. I knew.

Wise men hold on and foolish men allow the existence of love to be wasted and to be tossed away. Today I’m in Clinton, Michigan and she is  waiting for me. A midnight call allowed me to fall into the gentleness of her eyes again.

She opened the door in a tee-sheet, kind face and beautiful smile. She wrapped her arms around me. She whispered. “My Soldier boy came home safe and sound. I pray you didn’t fall to your madness.” We fell together holding hands and sharing warm and sweet kisses.

She put her long legs over my lap and you whispered.  Every kiss is missed and every celestial place where lovers fall. Are never forgotten. You were kind to me and I was a wild and untamed without wanting solid place or proper ending.  I’m scared, used and not innocence dear Johnnie. Do you want to be here with me?”

I kissed her one, I kissed her twice and I told her. Few angels and perfect people. Some of us must learn the hard way. We must feel love, bleed love and swim in the good days and nights. I’m dirty with sin too my Jenny. I will love you forever if you allow me. She smiled and she lay her head into my chest and she whispered.

“I’ glad you are here. I knew you would find me. I’m easy to find my love. I have cheated myself often in the emotion of love and today. You and I. Slow and easy dear Johnnie. Love comes when love come. Love find you and I hope you and I. Are not myth and tale for your journal.

John Castellenas/Coyote