A Christmas Message

Positive and amazing poetry by a amazing writer. Please read and enjoy.

Love it Now

Have you seen the Milky Way
I walked on the stars last night
my feet didn’t want to stop
my mouth was calling you hoping to be heard

I took a message from the Moon
and hid it in my heart
and then looked down and exhaled
sending it to you to colour your dreams

then I jumped on the Sun
collected some flashes of light
and sliding on its rays down
I came to knock on your window, to wake you up

and to whisper in your ear with enthusiasm
that it doesn’t matter what you do
and who you are
and that you’re not alone… we all are One

cos in the mist of life
we all walk pushing the buttons
and are being pushed by those around
unconditional love is what we teach each other

Copyright ©2016 Monika Braun and Love it Now. All Rights Reserved.

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