Happy New Year-Some song and a prayer


New year wish

I wish for a perfect silence. Where all we can hear is the laughter of children playing and singing at the lake or a park..

I wish for the men of peace to step-up and teach patience, concern, kindness and forgiveness to mankind..

I pray our leaders know. Every life had value. A soldier is someone son or daughter. Sending our youth to learn war before love or a chance to test life. Our children should be dancing and singing to the sun and the moon. Not fighting and dying for men who do not appreciate the value of one life.

I pray every child is safe. Every woman had a safe place to rest. I pray we quit bombing the great cities. I pray the homeless can find safe place to live and the people in the way of war can live without fear of the war near.

I need nothing lord of life and death. Please heal the people near me who need your kindness. Please send the Angel of peace to the leaders struggling to know peace. I pray to know one day of peace.

Please allow the children to be children.

Please allow the sweet word of peace to be sung loud and strong.

John Castellenas/Coyote