“I have loved and I have lost myself”

I have loved and I lost myself


A Poem by Coyote Poetry


A poem for love.


                                 I have loved and lost myself

Do you know how it feels to be upon a cloud? Laying with a true love. Knowing silky soft skin,  kissing and caressing  from  tender feet to perfect neck, shoulders and lips.

Love, my friend. No sweeter wine than a kind woman who willfully baring her body and soul as a precious gift to a lucky man. They leave men with sweet dreams and memories of real love.

I have suicide board the great seas, climbed to mountain peaks. The sea and the mountains could not equal the vision of a beautiful woman releasing a Summer dress, slowly removing undergarments and standing for the poor man to see. To be never forgotten.

Love needs to be devoured slowly. Lovely woman need to know she is wanted and she is the only one. The kisses need to linger into late night. The flesh demand payment and lovers love till two are content.

Beautiful woman told me. I have loved and lost myself. I told her she is the only one in my dreams and life.

Coyote/John Castellenas