The come down..

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The Darkest Fairytale

Tonight started out good
But I’ve started tripping again,
Some dickhead mixed up my drink
With some kind of hallucinogen.
Like Alice in wonderland syndrome
It’s messing with my perception
The rooms are changing size,
Whilst unicorns block the reception.
The floor is spinning in circles
The walls are closing me in,
Fairies are stripping on the chandelier
Whilst spiders are crawling up my skin.
It went from one extreme to another
“Have one more drink she said”
I didn’t think I’d be slaying monsters
Trying to decapitate my head.
Kicked out by the queen of hearts
Straight into a taxi with a killer clown,
Collapsing on my bed in disbelief
This is going to be one hell of a come down.


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