Finding Meaning in Silence

Please read and enjoy the work of a talented writer.


A quiet response is all that he could measure,

in the morning sunlight, he began a wander,

would it be so valuable to suddenly turn

to a distant horizon without any return,

only now could he realize his penchant to wonder

Yet, that isn’t enough today,

he wants more from the same way,

the manner by which his love is felt

he would rather be unlikely dealt

the final blow of an outcome might stay.

Oh, he does love the moments when in recall

he can almost define the moment he began his fall,

and then when love would speak

did he feel himself about to peak

Until now, he’s told he must somehow stand tall.

I’m lost in the quiet, wanting to feel yet frozen,

I haven’t felt so distant from my nearby horizon

for weeks even a facade,

I still knew this was no love odd.

I would…

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