I Like Smart Girls

Amazing words and thoughts by a talented writer.

Red Hot (Mess)

I cannot tell you how many times my sex appeal has been determined

By my intelligence

Yet, once I talk,

I am ignored.

My intelligence is not yours to fetishsize.

You do not get to fuck me because you like

Smart girls.

I am not here to fulfill your fantasy of a hot school girl

On her knees

Peering up at you through

Black rim glasses; her buttons of her blouse

Popped open.

I am not your fantasy.

And you will not impress me with declarations of books

You haven’t read.

I am not your fantasy.

You do not get to touch my boobs if you cannot

Touch my brain.

I am not your fantasy.

I won’t stop talking about ideas so I can

Put on a show.

You are not aware of what you are getting into.

My soul is deeper than you could even imagine –

And you…

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