I hate you, war.

I hate you, war

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Just words.



I hate you, War

Dear grandchild. I’m so sorry. I left you just blood and hate.  My father left me Vietnam and I left you in a world swimming in red blood of hate and separation.

I taught you. Be kind to all people and never look down at another person. Treat people like you want to be treated. Lead with kindness and open hands to friendship.

The old timers speak little of war. Men, who saw blood soaked glass and dirt of Europe, Africa and Asia. They know war is shit. They tell me in sad and low voice. The great wars were support to be the last one’s. What have we done? This world is a mess.

Our leaders are painting the world blood red and making the world black with hate. Do you believe the common person in the Middle East and Africa. Want war on their soil? Today great cities are gone and millions, are lost to the greed of war. The mad dogs leaders are demanding more blood and power.

Who does the world support? Terrorist don’t want a victory of honor. They fight for oil and land. What is the value of a child in the way of war? What is the value of a family in the way of war?
Millions are homeless, millions are sick and millions are starving.  Great countries spend 1.2 trillion on war. Send guns to active wars. Support murderers with bombs and guns. If God is watching. He know the Devil’s wish is alive and well.  Making men believe murder and war is the way to peace. It isn’t. It  is the fast track to a dead-end with no winner.
I’m old now and my grandchildren have known war, every day of their life. My children have known war, every day of their life. I have known few days of peace in my lifetime.

I hate war. I joined the Army at seventeen to be like father. War taught me. No-one win in war. Who won the Korea war? Who won the Vietnam war? Who have won in the new wars still being fought?

I have seen the leftover people of war. I served food to the hungry in Asia, Europe and Africa. Their eyes beaten and sad. The poor people in the way of war pay for the hate of the few. Can we stop war??

Today I pray for good friends lost to war. I pray all the soldiers come home safe and sound. I pray we learn. Every life had value. I pray the great countries quit sending weapons of bloodshed to blood thirsty men.

Great countries are willing to teach the young people how to kill and forget to teach them how to live. Time for a billion people to demand the end of violence. Demand the great powers keep their weapons locked and secure, away from the men of terror and hate.

Remember the terrorist is where you are standing. When you send 500,000 soldiers to a foreign land. You become the terrorist.
peacedove with stop weapons
John Castellenas/Coyote