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​Bruised where your fingers imprint

Upon my body

Tattooed forever, here is my soul

Hardly wasted

Figure eights on a page

In a link, infinity

Lipsticked stained

My perfume in your hair

Your lips that say “I love you”

Your Gentleness when you care

Summer light that arrives slowly

Promises a new day

When I feel your eyes upon me

When you asked me not to go

For one week, one day…One hour

Is the moment I chose to stay

You write with fingers and sighs

Trace the lines of yesterday’s lies

I open very slowly

I’m careful that way

And, darling it’s your desire

That makes me slip and sway

It does not really bother you

My reasons and my doubt

It’s how I love your heart beat

And, now to you so bound


As you walk across the room

It never really stops

Our desire on repeat

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